Thursday, November 3, 2011

Strong is Mean Soft

The Winner always bring this character with The Winner’s life. The Winner is a Leader and the Good Leader is one who know the way, show the way, and lead the way. And The Leader or The Winner can make a Big Change in his/her life also at another life. The Change mean the Good way for people’s life.
The leader or The Winner have an good attitude, they can be STRONG like a hard stone in they characters. But in this, STRONG is mean a Soft attitude that can determine which one the best for do. Strong and Soft is the one for The Winner, because The Winner always STRONG in the life but that not to do in the bad way. The Strong that The Winner have is the one Character that’s mean SOFT.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Who Suitable for SUCCESSFUL

Who suitable for SUCCESSFUL? The answer Key is just for The Winner. Yups, its just for the Winner, not  for the Looser. But we must know what a Winner and what a Looser. They look very different in their thinking, but they look like a same in the appearance.
The Winner is not look from the Rich him, not look from the poor her, but A Winner can looked with them thinking, attitude, and them behavior. So whatever people’s background, it can be suitable for SUCCESSFUL if they have a Winner’s character. Why like that ? Because The Winner always know what must to do, how like the work must do, and The Thinking must to have.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Miracle Of WORK

In our life we knew that all thing in this world are not FREE, why ? because, if  we want something we must have a WORK. To reach whatever you want you must have a work, but before that the important you must have is your belive to your self that you can reach all that you want. Looking around you, what you reached? And what do you want to reach? If you have a dream you must reach it, because it your  task.
The first you must do to reach your dream is set a Goal in your future. Write the Goal on the paper, so you can not forget it. And The Second, you must Working to reach the Goal. It the important one that can reach your dream, because you mjs remember this “No WORK=No Reach”. Maybe for the first Work, you will feel tired, but do not worry your felt, just remember your Goal.

Monday, October 31, 2011


          Who want to be A Looser ? haha… if you choose to be a Looser, it Certainly you can be a Fail person, be negative person, and all the bad in this life will come to The Looser. Contrary for the Winner, The Winner Certain can be whatever The Winner’s want, it can be a positive person, be a Success person, and whatever the good in this life will come to The Winner easily.
So what a difference between The Winner and The Looser? There are some a difference between The Winner and The Looser :
1.     About the Vision:
·     The Winner : Believe to self  that can reach the successful easily.
·     The Looser : Never dreaming that can be the successful person.
2.     About see The World:
·     The Winner : The World always can be heaven or be Hell appropriate to what we do for that.
·     The Looser : The World always be hell, its full with not fair.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


If you are looking for an excuse for a failure, you can find millions with ease. However, the reason is still the reason, he would not transform failure into success. Often. similar reasons with denial. More and more piling up of reasons, the great self-denial.
This distancing you from success; at the same time weaken the power of self. Stop looking for an excuse to cover up failure. Begin to act for achieve success. Learn from a diligent search for gold miners. Ditimbanya berliter- liters of muddy soil of the river, he filtered mud from the sand, he combs the sand from the metal. He did

Friday, October 28, 2011


            You are what do  you Think. If you like this thinking, you are so and vice versa. Bustling scholars in Europe have produced books of their review, how the human mind influence of human achievement.
Thought generate imagination. human action always based on exposure to the imagination in skrin Minda them. Considerations in making a decision too much determined by the thoughts.
The human mind should be influenced by science knowledge that they found from the readings,observation and experience themselves and others.   
Among the
champions of thought are:

Thursday, October 27, 2011


To increase self-motivation to be a winner, there is no harm You follow some of the suggestions proposed by Vincent Gasperz in his book Business Plan Preparation Guidelines, namely:

1. Never cut anything that can be opened knot.
2. Look at problems as opportunities for growth and self-control.
3. Be an expert in time management.
4. Judge your success by using a benchmark of how much you enjoy the peace, health, and compassion.
5. Do not delay implementation of ideas (ideas) is good. Possibility there are other people who just think about it too. Success came to those who act first.
6. Be wary of people who tell you how much he was honest.
7. Remember that winners do what is not done by a loser.
8. Look for opportunities, rather than a sense of security. Ship in port is safe, but in time the will be damaged underneath rust.
9. Live the life in such a way that the writing on the stone nisanmu can read: "No Remorse".
10.Be  achieve excellence, not perfection.
11. Give people a second chance, but do not be a third chance.
12. Learning recognize things that are not related, then ignore!
13. Don’t forget, a person's greatest emotional need is to feel valued.
14. Use less time to discuss who is right, and more time to discuss what is right!
15. Ask  people who are smarter than you to work with you.
16. Don’t burn bridges, you'll be surprised how often you must cross the same river.
17. Keep  to expectations (expectations) remains high.